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event structure problems

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Hello. I am posting this vi because I am having trouble getting my vi to work correctly with an event structure. My intentions are to read a buffer and verify that the seconds have changed before I take a sample from a device. In this vi I have hard coded the numbers to be different that way my boolean changes from false to true which I intented to trigger my event structure. Once I recieved the event I would go into my event structure and take a sample for a device, which for this example has been replaced with a counter. Once the sample was taken then I would return my boolean to a false state and wait til it reads the seconds again and triggers my event, and so on til I push the stop button. For some reason it is never going into the event structure unless I push the stop button. I would really appreciate any help I can be given. Thank you

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Boolean 13 is an indicator.  So there is no way for a user to be able to do something that would generate a Value change on the indicator.  If it was a control, then the user pressing the control button would trigger the value change event.


You can programmatically fire a value change event if you wrote a boolean value to the Value(signalling) property node of the indicator.  But you aren't doing that anywhere in your code.  So the Boolean 13 Value Change event can never occur.


The only thing that can occur is the Stop button being pressed by the user and thus the Stop:Value change event would occur.

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Thank you for your help. That seems to have fixed my issue. I appreciate your help!!!

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