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ethernet communication

I have problem in communicating my instrument through ethernet. I used the standard procedure as described in the following NI page


but when I ping to the IP address of my equipment, it does not respond properly in the way as explained in the website. Rather it fails. 


My instrument is not connected to network, rather I connect it directly to my LAN port of my Laptop. I need to know if I have to make any changes in my LAN settings. I tried to put the same gateway and subnet  in my laptop as mentioned for the instruments.


The best thing would have been if the NI MAX detects it automatically, but it fails to show any instruments connected by ethernet. I tried with AMTEX Lockin amplifier and Keithley 26XX source meter, but failed..I appreciate any help

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Is the instrument in the same subnet as your PC? If not, then you will not be able to communicate with it. This is not a limitation of MAX, but the way TCP/IP works. You can't connect the instrument directly to your LAN port on your laptop with a regular ethernet cable - you'd need to use a crossover cable. You can connect your PC and the instrument to a switch or to a router, and then they will be able to see each other as long as they are in the same subnet.


MAX can't automatically detect instruments on a TCP/IP network. It would need to do a scan for instruments, in much the same way as it does a scan for GPIB instruments.

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If you are connecting directly, you may need a cat5 x-over ethernet cable since you are not going via a router. You can trhe communicate and set the subnets/ips etc.
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even after scanning it did not detect.

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If you can't ping the instrument, the MAX cannot detect it. It sounds like you have a networking problem, and not a problem with MAX. Have you read over the advice given?

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Do you want help me for directly connect (Ethernet ) to labview?

Please instruction install and Prerequisites for connect to labview send my email.


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Maybe this will help...



LXI Discovery Problems

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