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error 6101

getting error 6101 regularly while reading data from registers (using rs 485 to rs232 converter) of an energy meter.

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Hello Dadhi,


I did work on MODBUS/TCP for one of my project.


I see that Starting address is 1, is it correct? To which device are you trying to communicate? Are you getting same error when you select the function code 'Read Holding registers" and are you sure quantity is 1?



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I am trying to communicate with an electricity meter and trying to read all the data which it holds in its register. The id of the meter is 3 and  m trying to read holding and input registers. baud rate 9600, stop bit 1 , parity none.

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hello sys 

sorry for the wrong baud rate its 1200 and the model of the energy meter is yd2010, of yada company.

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