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error -209836


I am running the example "Counter Pulse Width and Frequency" using NI 9401 C Series Digital Module, with two Ethernet CompactDAQ Chassis: the cDAQ-9188 and the cDaq-9185. 

When I use the cDaq-9185 I get this error (-209836) "The devices in your task can not be synchronized. This may be because there are no available synchronization mechanisms between the devices" but when I use the the cDAQ-9188 it runs with no error.



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Code please?  (I recommend a LV version no later than 2018).   And more description of the physical configurations associated with what you've observed?


As a wild guess, it *sounds* like you might be trying to make 1 single task containing 2 counter channels from 2 different modules.  What kind of counter measurement are you doing -- edge counting, freq measurement, something else?



-Kevin P


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I used the LabVIEW example "Counter - Read Pulse Width and Frequency (Continuous)" as is and used two counter channels from the same module.

If you look at the cDaq-1985 you can see that there are two rj-45 connectors and the cDaq-1988 has only one.

I am not sure but I think is has to do something with that.

In both chassis I use the 9401 module with the same configuration 


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cDAQ-9185 has TSN-enabled Ethernet ports but cDAQ-9188 does not. That's the reason why 9185 has two Ethernet ports but 9188 has only one. Using TSN, you can synchronize multiple TSN devices using only Ethernet cables. See Designing Distributed TSN Ethernet-Based Measurement Systems.

In case if you are wondering whether you can modify 9188 to support TSN, the answer is NO. TSN requires special Ethernet chipset.

To synchronize 9188 with other chassis, you must use NI-9469. See Synchronize Multiple cDAQ or cRIO Chassis Using the NI-9469 Module.

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Thanks for the response. Is it possible to disable the synchronization of the cDAQ-9185?

I think the error I get it is because it tries (and fail) to synchronize devices although I use only one device (cDAQ-9185).


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Have you solved the problem? I got the same issue when i used a standalone cDAQ-9189.


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Hello Aviram, have you solved this problem? If so, could you share with us?

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