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error 1039 invoke node



I have been using the Invoke Node with RunVI method.  The code was working for years.  Now I get error 1039 which says the VI has been aborted.  This is disturbing as nothing has changed with my code.




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Something obviously changed. Have you installed any new software recently? Moved this VI from one pc to another?  Disconnected hardware?


Most likely the VI you are trying to run is popping an error and aborting because of it.. Try manually opening the targeted VI and running it. Do you get any errors? Does it run successfully?

Rob K
Measurements Mechanical Engineer (C-Series, USB X-Series)
National Instruments
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Yes, I was able to solve it.  I had a section of code calling an OPC resource (comm port) that was not accessible.  That halted the execution.


Thanks for the response.




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