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dose LabView read *.ssv files?

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I have a large *.ssv file from my test bench logger and would like to read it and do post-processing such as filtering and curve fitting in LabView, can anyone give me a start point?



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What's an ssv file? Is it a text file or a binary file? If it's a text file then you can just use the Read Text File function to read it and parse it. If it's in tabular format then you can probably use Read From Spreadsheet File. If it's a binary file then you need to know the structure, and this would be defined in your test bench logger's documentation.
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it is a text file with ";" delimiter, and containes a handfull of real time signals. I used a Read From Spreadsheet File function with ";" delimiter and got the following:
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I'm assuming the Read From Spreadsheet File gave you what you needed since your image is blank. Smiley Wink
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Sorry for that! Here is the attached, the first column is relative sampling time followed by the signals' data,my attempt to parse each signal into an separate array failed when I used 'Build array " and "Subset array" functions. I want to parse each signal along with the sampling time into a separate array and do post analysis on it.

Thank you.

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Accepted by htoton

Build Array should have nothing to do with separating columns or rows. All you need is Index Array. Wire a value to just the column input and you get the entire column. Wire a valueto just the row input and you get an entire row. You can expand the Build Array function to get multiple rows or columns with a single function.


You might want to post an actual example of the file and your code instead of just an image of a front panel 2D array if you continue to have problems.

Message Edited by Dennis Knutson on 02-24-2009 09:45 PM
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Thanks Dennis! I was able to parse the signals in separate array using Array Index and add sampling time back to them using Build Array function. your answer is short and right to the point that's why I like your postings.
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maybe you mark my answer as the solution.Smiley Wink


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