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do i have to activate each install through vlm

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This is what I did
* I installed NI VLM 2.0 on our license server
* i created several network installs (for LV 80, CVI 80)
* Checked everything was working fine, and it was
* I installed networkinstallversions of LV80 and CVI 80 on workstation A
*It registered fine on our license server and it activated nice through NI
*Then I captured this situation using HP's Rapid Install
*Rapid Install made a huge (1,4 GB) install file


When I install this file on Workstation B the following things happens:
* On the programm startup (LV or CVI) I am asked once to activate the product, though it was already activated in the first place, before capturing using Rapid Install.
* There is no request on the NI VLM 2.0 screen on the license server.

After activation all works well.

I need to distribute this software to almost every computer in our school. My questions are:
*What can I do to stop each distribution from activating
* should I be worried if the computer, running LV or CVI does NOT show up on the NI VLM 2.0 screen?

thanx, i continue testing, so there will be more questions in a few days (grin).

Ruud Habets

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I've not used the license server, but here's some general info on how the LabVIEW activation process works.

I know that the license file that is generated after you activate it is kept in a directory outside of the main LabVIEW directory and is not part of the LabVIEW installation.
(...National Instruments\Shared\License Manager\Licenses)

This is probably why your Rapid Install didn't work as you expected.

Another reason is each license file is tied to a specific machine through a machine ID that is generated for each machine. So a license file for one machine will not work on others, even if you have a campus wide license agreement.

You'd probably be better off calling into NI support to get his worked out.

Good luck.


Ed Dickens - Certified LabVIEW Architect - DISTek Integration, Inc. - NI Certified Alliance Partner
Using the Abort button to stop your VI is like using a tree to stop your car. It works, but there may be consequences.
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