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distrubuted system server

Dear all,


I have installed LabView 2011 (32 bit), LabView DSC module, and Win7 64 bit.

When I try to build a Share variable using distrubution system server. It's unstable. It's OK first time, then system has no response. I can't use the share variable in other computer through network. Then I stop all service in the system server, undeploy and deploy all variable again, and still not work. But it suddent work again.

Please advice.



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Hi Samy,


Just to clarify, you are using network shared variables in to pass values between computers through a network?  Have you ensured that the ports are opened in your firewall(s) and virus protection software?  


As a general setup guide, I think this link as well as Buffered network variables will be very helpful.  These links should help resolve your problems but also make sure that your ports are opened.



Trey C.

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Thank you for your advice! I will study it Smiley Happy

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Hi, Trey.


Now, I have set the share variables with alarm and data logging function. I can viewthe historial data and alarm at local machine. I also can get the alarm event through network. However, I can't view the historial data through network, even use the mesurement and automation program.  After all firewall and antivirus program close, I still can't read the historial data. 

Please help

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It has the ! in the data base

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Hello Sammy,


There are a few specific settings for accessing historical Citadel data across a network using max outlined in the following article that might be helpful: Additionally, the following KB outlines how to view historical data in Citadel 5.


One last note, if you hit F5 when you are in MAX typically the historical database will be relinked properly. Additionally, both computers need to be either under the same domain or the same Windows Workgroup for this process to occur properly.




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Thank you Blayne! Thank you for your information.


As I can get the alarm signal, I think the Windows workgroup, domain setting should be correct.

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