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displaying different plot colours on different days using bar chart

I am working with a bar chart which plots daily data.
I want the bar chart to be plotted with different colours on different dates.
ie,if the user selected to plot 5 days data,the data of 1st,2nd and 4th should beplotted in one colour and 3rd and 5th with another colour.
ie,viewing the graph itself the user should be able to discriminate the next days data frm the colou itself.
But i didnt get any way to accomplish that.
getting alternatedays is ok as we can ckeck for even and odd dates and group like that.
But i have selected the records frm the database using the sql query '.....datefields between...)so i can get the data of the range.
I have created a cluster of the dates and the corresponding values which will be plotted in the graph.
If i want to plot the graph with different colours will i have to create different clusters depending on whether the date is even or odd after splitting each day's record?Or is there any other method?

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Hi user_1,

Would you happen to be referring to a waveform chart in which you are displaying bar plots? Please confirm as I have not been able to find any specific references to bar charts. Thanks!

Best regards,

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Thank you for your reply.
Sorry ,i havent posted the question clearly.
I am working with an XY graph and i am using the plotting style ,bar plot.
In plotting daily data i want the plot to be displayed with same colour in alternate days.
ie,1,3,5,7....31 of the month with same colour and 2,4,6,8....30 with another colour.So i can distinguish the beginning pont and the end point of each day in an efficient manner.
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Hi user_1,

I have seen a discussion forum post about something similar. I beleive that the following discussion forum thread will help point you in the right direction. You will find some sample code at the end of it.

Multiple color plot in waveform charts

I hope this helps.

Best regards,

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