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custom control

dear sir,
           How can i creat a joystick control in front panel? can anybody help me? pls give the full details.
Thanks and regards
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do you need only four direction keys or you need to also have accel. factor so that if you drag more you will get more accel.
if you need only to decide which one is the direction then you can place four buttons on the screen. In openg you will find it readymade for you.
if you need the accel. as weel then you should think of developing your own XControl.
think how slider works and then extrapolate the things for 2D

Tushar Jambhekar

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This document also describes how to monitor the status of an actual joystick in LabVIEW. I am not sure if you were interested in it, but there it is.


Rudi N.

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