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I'm using labview 2011 development vision.

I wonder how can I make an error control for the software, because in my software has a button called "Save Image" and when the user clicks on it, opens a window for the user to select where he wants to save the image but the window has two buttons: "Save" and "Cancel". If the user clicks the cancel button appears an error message.

How do I make the user click "Cancel" and the software to function normally again without having to cancel and re-initiation


Thank You.

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Use an explicit file dialog to get the file name from the user (set default name, pattern, browse option, etc appropriate for the image) and look for the "canceled" terminal or error output. If the users cancels the dialog, you will get a TRUE for the canceled boolean and an error at "error out".

Now use a case structure to skip reading the file if the dialog gets cancelled.

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