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digital outputs while sampling analog inputs

I am currently developing a program using LabView 2012 SP1.  I am interfacing with a NI USB-6009 DAQ using NI-DAQmx 9.5.5f4.  I am attempting to acquire a voltage reading on three analog inputs (AI0, AI3, and AI4) at 1 second from startup and at 20 seconds from startup.  The three digital ports: P0.0, P0.1 and P0.2 are used to turn on transistors for the signals in question and must remain high during the ~20 seconds the readings will take place.  I have figured out how to acquire 20 samples over 20 seconds on the analog inputs but have trouble with the digital outputs.  The DAQ assistant is not a good option and the USB 6009 has limitations that are not necessarily covered in the example code im finding.  Basically I need to turn on (write hex 7) to port P0.0-2, acquire my analog samples for 20 seconds, then bring port P0.0-2 low and end the program.  Can anyone help walk me through this?  Thank you in advance.




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Solved it.  See attached vi.  

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