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defer decision?

For Labview 8+ users: When saving a Labview vi or control after working on it, Labview sometimes gives me three choices: Save, Defer Decision, or Cancel.  There is no Do Not Save option.  Many times I decide that I didn't want to do what I did and just simply want to close the vi or control and ditch any changes.  Without a Do Not Save option this is impossible.  I could undo all the changes then save but this is a pain and sometimes doesn't work if you exceed the undo memory limit.
Five minutes ago, I was working on a Type Def control and decided that I didn't want to save the change.  Simply closing the control and not saving should accomplish this.  However, once again, my only option is to select Defer Decision, which will force my unwanted Type Def to propagate throughout my program with the changes I didn't want to save (since it's kept "in memory").
Two ways to fix this is to re-open the control, undo the changes that it saved, (IF you remember what they were since undo no longer works) that you didn't want to save, then save the control or vi.  Or, close completely out of the project, MAKING SURE NOT TO SAVE THE CONTROL OR VI THAT LABVIEW SHOULDN'T HAVE BEEN SAVED IN THE FIRST PLACE.
Why not just give me the option to DO NOT SAVE CHANGES?  Is that so hard?  Even a simple program like Notepad will do that.
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It took me a while to deal with that change, and I have to agree that I don't always like it either.

Another option is to use the File->Revert menu item. This is essentially the same thing as closing it without saving changes, and reopening it from disk.
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Have you tried using the Revert option in the File menu? Undoes all changes at once.
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Revert?  Wow, didn't even notice that.  Thanks.
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what a legend, thank you!!

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Glad this is helpful years later, but I do want to add just a little more context because this bothered me at first too.  The reason there isn't a Don't Save option, is because the control is being referenced by other things that are in memory.  We can't say Don't Save, because the changes that you made are still in memory.  We can't not save right now, because other things are referencing it and so the changes you made are still being used.  We can either Save, committing the changes to disk, or we can Defer Saving, where the changes are still being referenced, but on disk it is the older version.  Revert really is the right option to put the changes back to what they are on disk.  Then those reverted changes are pushed out to all the other things that reference it, which are still open and in memory.


If you open a new control, then use it in no places, you can close it and have the Don't Save option.  This is a choice when you are trying to close the only reference to a thing, that has unsaved changes.

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