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datasocket buffering

I have application1 and application2. Application1 is suppose to send data to application2 through dstp. Application1 acquires data from a NI-DAQ device at 20Hz (20samples/sec). The data is wired to the DataSocket Write. In application2, Data from DataSocket Read is logged into a txt file. It is found that some samples are missing. For example, in one second, the txt file in application2 is supposed to reflect 20 samples/sec, but it only show, say 17 or 18 samples/sec.
I know that this can be done through client or sever buffering, but i do not know exactly how to do it. Pls advise.
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Hi DAQmx

You have an example of sending images with Data Socket. You can find that in NI Example Finder, names: DS SendImage and DSReceiveImage.

Anyway, if it is very important not to loose any data, DataSocket may not be the best solution. TCP would work better.

Hope it helps,
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