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curve fitting of 2d edge detection data

Hi all,

I have attached intensity graph which is obtained from edge detection function. Its a 2d array of numeric data. I wanted to do a curve fit for this data. Can anybody help me.

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First thing you have to have a clue about is the curve form. Is it a cylindric/circle form or a sine or else. Then you choose the proper fiting function in Mathematics > Fitting.


I assume it is a cylindrical form, so I would go with the "Nonlinear curve fit" and implement a formula string for z=z(x,y).


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hey thanks for your reply, plz find the intensity graph data attached to the post. i am supposed to do fitting for this. I guess parabolic fitting will do for this. How should i go about it?

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I wonder that you have nobody [the designer] to ask, what was to original form to create.


Can you do something using my suggestion earlier?

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Don't you first get coordinates (Y and X) of white points, and then do a curve fit?

Remove points on top and bottom first.


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