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create holes in 3d objects

Is it possible to create a solid box with a hole that goes completely through it and one that goes halfway through it? I have been unable to modifie the internal contours of objects. Is this even possible or do I need to use third party software embedded in my application?
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maybe one possibility for the 'hole ' is to fill the z matrix with Nan where you want the "hole" points..


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I'm not really sure what you mean. Can you provide an example of it?
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just try to put Nan in the Z value  you want to plot.


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More often that not, the 3D images themselves are created in an external environment and then manipulated (rotated, for example) within the 3D Picture Control. I would recommend going this route if you are planning to just view an exisiting image in the 3D Picture Control.
Vivek Nath
National Instruments
Applications Engineer

Machine Vision
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