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convert an array of hexadecimal numbers to decimal numbers and write to spreadsheet

@RRRRSSSS wrote:

this may help you out

Than entire first loop can be replaced by "spreadsheet string to array" with "\n" as delimiter and a 1D array of strings as type. Keep it simple!

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We have another command, "ALLDAT" with 21 sub-commands. The output would look something like the following, in HEX code like the earlier problem :





This is one block of data and i need to just separate the necessary values. For eg: the 1st sub-command, ENGDT1 has 8 ARGS (7d4,1,17,c,f,32,0,0) and the last, CHPDAT has 2 ARGS (00000041,0). I just need the ARG's from each sub-command. I was thinking of putting it in a loop, but since this is one single block of output, i'm not sure how well that would work.!

Here's what I would do:




(the empty blue array constant is U32)

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