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I would like to create a vi containing a while loop, however I want charts data to be updated every second. Which is the proper way to do it so?


Thank you in advance

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You can make 2 states, wait and update. In wait state, you can put 1 sec delay and in update mode you can update chart.

I think this is the simple way. You can have another loop acquiring/generating data which you want to display on the chart.



Gaurav k
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Hello gak,


Thank you for your reply. Could you please be more specific or attach an example vi.


Best regards

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I'm not sure to understand what you mean...


Is your while loop acquiring/generating data at more than 1Hz?

If yes, I assume you want to update the chart only each 10 or 100 loop iteration.


Here is a quick example (documented in LV 8.6).


Hope it help

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Antoine Chalons

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Dear Titou,


Thank you very much for your suggestion.


Best regards

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