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chargement bitfile par programmation

Bonjour, je souhaite avoir un exemple pour charger le bitfile de mon choix par programmation sur ma 7831R. J'ai vu le tuto sur FPGA Target System Replication mais ce VI ne me sort pas de référence pour l'accès aux control sur la partie cible.


Merci d'avance



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This is not possible. The bitfile contains information about what controls are on the FPGA front panel and that information must be known at compile time. If you could load an arbitrary bitfile at run time, with different controls and DMA channels, the communication would not work.

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Hello with dynamic reference you can specify a vi or ctl with different control for use more than one bitfile.

This operation is possible see FPGA Target System Replication on but i don't know how where to take the reference after Download


I need help.



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I haven't used that feature, so I'm not completely certain of this, but from looking at the documentation it appears that if you use the Download Bitfile function, you cannot then communicate with the FPGA - there is no way to establish a connection to it. There are times when this might be useful, if the FPGA operates independently from the other software. The documentation for Open FPGA VI Reference says "The Open FPGA VI Reference function extracts the bitstream associated with the compiled FPGA VI or bitfile and stores the bitstream when you save the host VI. The bitstream contains the programming instructions LabVIEW downloads to the FPGA target." I don't see any way to establish a connection to a bitfile that is already downloaded (and possibly running). I do hope someone from NI will clarify if this is not the case.

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Hi, i would like that ni give me an example for this application.


By i am on holidays



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