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cannot find high throughput add-on for myRIO 2016

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I am trying switch the personality of myRIO from default to high throughput. When I generated  a project and right click on the chasis, "switch FPGA personality" option is invisible (see image).


My understanding is that I have to install an add-on separately. But I cannot find an add on for myRIO 2016 (the version I am using). I can only find it for 2014  (


Has anyone had this issue?

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It looks like the NI High Throughput Add-on for myRIO can now be downloaded through VI Package Manager. Refer to the following tutorial on how to use VIPM:

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i am also having same problem.i want to install NI High Throughput add-on 2016. i couldn't follow the answer given to your question(screen shot is attached ). please help me as you might have already fixed this.


thanks in advance

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