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can we make excutable of any vi which is using matlab script?

i want know that  if i want to make excutable of any vi .which is using matlab script, whether i have to include dll for making excutable or it will work without tht?
can u send me some example?
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If you're using the Matlab script you will need to have Matlab installed on the target machine since the Matlab script simply calls into the Matlab engine. Prior to LabVIEW 6.0 you would need to also distribute the matscript.dll that resides in the LabVIEW\Resource\script directory, but that's no longer necessary.
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so it is conculded tht we must have matlab installed on machine.
but is there any trick to avoid this?
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Not if you're using the Matlab script node. As I said, LabVIEW just passes along the script to Matlab. No Matlab, no run code.

You can try to use the Mathscript node, which is NI's implementation of a Matlab-like language. It's not exactly the same as Matlab, but for most scripts it works OK. You will need to try out your script to see if it works. Note that that trying to build an executable that uses Mathscript doesn't work with some LabVIEW versions. For instance, you can't build an executable that uses Mathscript with LabVIEW 8. You can with LabVIEW 8.2.
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