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calling a C program from labview

Hi all
Please help me regarding calling a C program through labview.I have
successfully called a simple c program using a call library function
node...making a DLL..but when i call a C program which interns read
data through a file..(.txt file)...the labview simply hangs...
can you please suggest me some way out...

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You need to provide more information for us to be able to help you. There are million ways a you can hang your programs 🙂
Tomi Maila
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Hi Aparna,
In order to zoom in on the root cause of your problem, it would be helpful to have more information on your application. Have you tried calling your C DLL from any other programming languages? What exactly are the inputs and outputs (along with datatypes) of your DLL? Does LabVIEW give any error message when it "hangs"? I am sure that we can work together to resolve this issue.
Casey Weltzin
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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