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call an application in Labview and read the contents on the screen of that application

I have one application that is developed in .I wish to call this application in Labview and read the contents on the screen of that application.Also the apllication has a "Save Button" which i need to set ON or OFF through Labview.Is this possible ?


This is more like GUI automation.Is there any way we can do this?

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Yes, that sounds like GUI Automation to me.


I found this thread that might be useful to you.


In that thread, it mentions a tool named AutoIt.  I have seen this tool in action ... and it works well.  And its free.  And it comes with an ActiveX interface, so you could potentially program it using LabVIEW. 


I am guessing you could use Active-X and the built-in scripting capabilities in AutoIt to accomplish your goal.


Or you could just modify your app to output the results somehow (to a text file?) or expose itself via some kind of API?  That seems more elegant.
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I do have output results in text file and I can use it.But I have 2 buttons which I need to control through Labview is this possible?

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