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cRIO USB Support software drivers

Hi everybody,


I'm working on a cRIO 9012 with a NI-9215 module on LabVIEW 2012 (evaluation version). The cRIO 9012 disposes of an USB port on which I put a stick.


I want to put data on my stick, I made a VI and use the path u:\texte.txt where "texte.txt" is already created in the USB stick.


I found in ni topics that I have to install "USB Support" software, I tried to add it on my RT target but it is not present in softwares' three. I get only "UBS passport", you can see it in attached picture.


I suppose that drivers/softwares are avaible but I don't find its. Somebody could get me out of this ?





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Hello Ximusma,


Did you alreay see this KB?

Be sure to use the correct drive letter


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