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cRIO 9074 and NI 9144 behaviour and troubleshooting

Chiming in on your first post that says that device 2 cannot find the module anymore. Could it be that your module in that chassis died?

Can you create a new project and detect the modules and your chassis in FPGA mode to see they are fine?



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Good news so far.
I have the two old EtherCATs on and after replacing the dead NI-9205 AI module I can deploy all of them without any problem.
Currently the project is 95% operational since the FPGA seems to need recompiling, something that is happening right now.

Trying with a "new" NI-9144 EtherCAT which I received last Friday, I have the following problem though:
It can deploy successfully all modules expect any NI-9213 TC module. I have four (4) of them, and when I deploy either one, it cannot enter operational mode, as usual and the Error LED blinks...

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Try updating the firmware of your 9144 chassis to the latest one your driver brought with it.



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@ DirkW,
I have all the EtherCATs updated to the latest firmware.


The compilation of the FPGA vis has been completed and they are functional. First tests shows that the functionality has been restored. Tomorrow we will operate the unit as usual and conclude if everything works as it should.

Still do not know why the "new" NI-9144 has problems with NI-9213 TC modules. Tried also with LV2016 on another PC, and different cRIO but no luck.

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5 years?Maybe BIOS battery dead. It says it should function regardless, but who knows.

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I experienced this issue today, and after several frustrating hours I was able to fix the issue by reformatting the crio (including all network settings). I was using a crio-9045 with two 9145 ethercat chassis and the first one was showing the same problems you were having. 


Hopefully this helps someone in the future. 

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I got a 9044, with 1 NI-9208, 1 NI 9213 and 5 NI 9216. Some days I boot it and the NI9208 is missing or the NI 9213 shows funny values. Then I have to deploy again, reboot and its working. Happens a few times a year, kind of used to it now. But what is causing this....

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Found similiar issue.


result: the system was looking for missing modules during startup as it was described to me. I would recommend confirming that there are no missing modules/failed modules listed in the programming if experiencing the issue. Possibly create a dummy program with 1 module only and see if it will boot before troubleshooting your working copy.

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