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build problem with lv 7 under linux

When building my App. my custom controls are gone!...

LV 7.0 - Gentoo Linux.
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I made some more testing concerning disappearing controls ounce the application is built. -> plain boolean and a plain numeric control.
Works fine.
Build the app.
The boolean disappear!. ( running on same machine ).
I'm puzzled.
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You will need to include the custom control files when building the VI. How to do this is explained here:

Hope this helps!

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Thanks Laura,

Here is what I have done now.

I made it without any custom control.

The vi has
1. a numerical control connected to numerical display
2. a boolean control connected to a boolean display
3. a boolean to stop the vi

When it is run in the development env. everything is fine.

Now I build the app.
1. the up/down arrows of the numerical control does not show up
2. both boolean does not show up, except the dialog type boolean.

If I click on the invisible up/down arrow I can see inc/dec of the numerical display.


I have included as an attachement the test vi, and the built one.
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I'm not using Linux but the description of what you see can also occur under Windows.

The effect that all 3D parts are not drawn occurs when the OpenGL library and/or the model files are not found. Under Windows this is in the shared\Labview Run-Time\7.1 folder. The library is in the mesa.dll and the models are in a subfolder named models.

I think your application doesn't find the mesa shared library or the model files.

Using 7.1.1, 8.5.1, 8.6.1, 2009 on XP and RT
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Many Thanks Waldemar,

It works!

It was the models subfolder installed somewhere else in the dev env.

Made a link to it in AppLibs dir and "voila!". Fixed
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