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bluetooth timeout error 56

Using Labview 7.1 on two XP computers.


I start the Simple Bluetooth Server (from Labview examples)  on PC number 1.  Then I start the Simple Bluetooth Client on PC 2.  After about 5 seconds the Client gives an error 56 "The network operation exceeded the user specified or system time limit.


The default time limit is 60000 milliseconds according to Help.  I can wire anything to the timeout port on the Bluetooth Open Connection vi and it still gives the error after 5 seconds.  I looked at the Bluetooth control panel and there is no setting at all for a time limit. 


Then I tried the Advanced Bluetooth Server on PC number 1 and then the Advanced Bluetooth Client on  PC 2.  Now the client scans for all bluetooth devices and finds lots (I am working in a library).  I see the Server machine and I select it.  Now it is supposed to scan for services available from the Server but it does not scan at all.  It just sits there.


Late flash.  I went into the Client machine and opened the bluetooth control panel.  I click on Add on the Devices tab and configure the other machine as a "device" with no passkey.  Then everything works.  But this is very strange because it restricts access only to preconfigured devices;  thus scanning is useless.  And it still doesn't explain the timeout business.


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OK.  I think I solved the problem.  I went into the bluetooth control panel and turned on "discover" which made the server visible to the client.  Strangely, Windows has discover off as the default.





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