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basic Thermostat

Hey guys, Im quiet new to labview and im trying to do a simple project for myself to try to make up a basic thermostat that will keep the temp within the limits automatically when certains temps are met on the upper and lower limits. I can get as far as doing a case structure but i have a hard time understanding how to wire it back so that  it will add a constant of 5 if its too low or take away a constant of 5 if its too high. If there is anything else i should include feel free to ask. Thank you!

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We cannot see what you are doing wrong unless you show us your VI. I don't think a "case structure" is sufficient, you might not even need one. 😄 To maintain values across iterations, a shift register is typically a good idea. Do you use one? What are the units of the "5" constant?


(Is this just a software simulation or do you interface to a real temperature sensor and heating system?)

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Sorry I thought I added the VI😅. Here it is. Im very new to labview. Im just using 5 as away to bring the temp down or up to keep the thermostat within the threshold. Its only a simulation that im doing.

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Sorry, I don't have LabVIEW 2021 here. Can do do a "save for previous".

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Hey, just put in the 20.0 version there. Is that ok or do you need an earlier version?

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This is still LabVIEW 2021. You need to attach the down-converted version, typically saved in a nearby folder.

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