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available fonts

Hello all,
a few questions for those willing to help:
1.) I want to get the names of all the available fonts on the computer the VI is running on.  The user should be allowed to choose which font is used for the (HTML) report generation.
2.) The "Set report" behaves strange. The font in the HTML report looks much bigger than the size I set in the VI. (Internet Explorer, font size medium)
Thanks in advance.
best regards
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Here is a vi to read the fonts from a registry key.
7.0 format.
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That's cool, uncle, although I think you have to remove the " (TrueType)" part from all the fonts to use them in LV (not a problem with a loop and a Search\Split String).

It seems that IE ignores the size="xxx" part of the tag that the toolkit creates. Not sure why.

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Here's what I've got.

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