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audio sampling using labview

I was wondering if anyone can give me some information regarding audio sampling using labview. I'm interested in sampling an audio signal and storing it in the computer as some format. The format can be raw or hi-resolution like mpeg etc. (that's not the problem). Also, I currently have PCI-6229 (Data Acquisition) card setup with labview. Do you think this card will work fine for audio sampling or do I need to buy a seperate NI card for audio sampling? And is labview compatible and preferred for this?

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You can perform audio sampling with the microphone input in your sound card. Look the vi example that comes with labVIEW.
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I think you should be able to use this card with the Line Outputs from whatever device you are hooking up to.
Randall Pursley
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Hi Deznium,

While it's possible to use the PCI-6229 to sample audio signals, there are some limitations. The following discussion forum will be helpful:

Audio Testing with DAQ 6020E

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