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application builder question

I have made some applications that I want to distribute to other users of our products. But when these applications are installed on computers with no LV package installed, drivers like LV realtime and VISA must be installed. When these packages are installed, the user are prompted with a liscense agreement from NI. Can this agreement window be removed from the installer?
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I'm assuming you are using LV 8 because I don't remember this being there in 7.1 (I just ran into the same situation).  You can edit the setup.ini file that is created with the installer and change the License or License2 =0 instead of =1.  Depending on what all you are installing, you might have to play with the various "License" key's in the ini file, but one of them will turn it off.
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That is interesting.  I had never seen that in LV7.1 & earlier either.

Thanks for sharing the info. 


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