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need list of visa functions supported in labview RT

I had already contacted ni support, but they mysteriously stopped responding.
I am looking for the list of visa functions supported in labview RT.
Functions from the following native LabWindows/CVI libraries are compatible with the LabVIEW Real-Time Support Engine.
  • Analysis or Advanced Analysis Library
  • ANSI C
  • Formatting and I/O
  • TCP Support Library
  • Utility Library

In addition to the libraries listed above, you also can link the following libraries into the project.
  • VISA Library
  • NI-CAN Library
  • NI-DAQmx Library
  • NI-DMM
  • NI-Scope
  • NI-Switch
  • Most of the libraries in the instrsup.dll

NOTE – Not all of the functions in the preceding libraries are compatible. For a complete list of these exported functions, refer to Programmer Reference» Creating and Downloading DLLs to Real-Time Targets»Using LabWindows/CVI Libraries in Real-Time DLLs in the LabWindows/CVI Help contents.
----------------end cite---------------------------------

I am interested in what the "NOTE" alludes to: the list of the function which are compatible. Specifically, the note seems to imply that only some functions in the VISA library are compatible. I have legacy code which calls VISA functions, and I am trying to verify that each VISA function I call is supported.  Therefore, I need the complete list of the VISA functions exported in the RT environment.  Unfortunately, the note directs me to the help pulldown of the RT product, but I do not have the RT product; I am trying to assess the feasibility of my using the RT product.

So, I am looking for the complete set of VISA functions which are supported (or the set which are not supported) in the RT environment.
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Some clarification would help -- are you programming in LabVIEW Real Time or writing CVI Code that will be used within LabVIEW Real Time?

In LabVIEW RT, all of the VISA VIs are supported and work fine. 
--Paul Mandeltort
Automotive and Industrial Communications Product Marketing
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Thanks for looking at this.
For non RT labview, I have external C code dll (Microsoft Visual Studio, not CVI) called out of labview through Call Library Function Node VIs.  The underlying C code in turn makes calls into Visa.
I am now trying to consider the feasibility of running this same code in an RT labview environment. I gather from the web page cited above, that Visa is available in the RT labview environment, so I should be able to run my dll there also (the only I/O I do is through Visa).
However, there is the note which suggests that some Visa functions might not be available in the RT environment, and I am trying to find out which Visa function are/are not supported.
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Good news. As of Visa 3.6, the entire VISA API is supported in LabVIEW RT (including C calls since those go right to the DLL). 
--Paul Mandeltort
Automotive and Industrial Communications Product Marketing
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