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analog,digital and pfi triggering of PXI 6133 card

 i am using PXI-6133 card. i observed that there  are three type of triggering options(i.e., analog, digital and PFI) available on each card. i want to know the difference? and also best  one.
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Hi chandu,

            Analog triggering is based on the value of an analog signal. For example you can trigger when your analog signal goes above or below a specified value. Digital triggering happens on a rising or falling edge of a digital signal. For either type of triggering you must have a trigger source that is the signal you are triggering on. For digital triggering on your card this can be any PFI line. For analog tirggering it can be any analog input channel. A detailed explanation of the triggering capabilities of your PXI-6133 can be found in the S-Series User Manual. Triggering is discussed in Chapter 13. Also a more great summary of triggering in general can be found in the Developer Zone article, Tips and Techniques in Data Acquisition Triggering - NI-DAQmx. What triggering is better depends on your application and which one is more suited to your trigger signal. If you have a digital trigger source then digital triggering will work great. If your trigger source is an analog signal than you will probably need to use analog triggering. Let me know if you have any questions and have a great weekend.


NI Chief Hardware Engineer
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