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additional installer page missing



after soewhat of hiatus with Labview and a major SDD crash a few months ago, I reinstalled my Labview 2010 Professional Developments system. Trying to build an executable is possible but building a distributable is not, because I cannot add additional installers.


The additional installer page is missing, or am I looking in thr wrong place (picture atteached).


BTW, I am running this in Windiows 7 under Parallels on an iMac


Any help is appreciated



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You are looking in the wrong place. You have to select to create an installer.
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Well you have an application build.


now you need an installer build...Yup, the installler installs the other build (application.exe in this case) plus whatever is needed to run the application.



"The additional installer page" is where D suggests (He beat me to the point)





I just re-read

BTW, I am running this in Windiows 7 under Parallels on an iMac




At that.......... I DO NOT KNOW!  What are you intending to do?  Develop Win apps on a Mac?  I would not try.


That is not to say it is not possible, or even easy in many cases, but... WHY?????  

"Should be" isn't "Is" -Jay
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thanks, I have a look.


Parallels has not been a problem previously and Labview is the only stuff I am doing under Windows.



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I hasd a look and cannot find any such entry anywhere.


Where and how is the "Additional Installers" to be found?





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OK, finally found it and my panik has been reduced.



Thanks for your help


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