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access file on non-LabVIEW remote computer

access file on non-LabVIEW remote computer

I have been reading files on a remote PC using Open Application Reference and List Folder functions.  Since my remote PC and local PC were both LabVIEW development environments, I just had to make sure the VI Server was configured properly on both PCs using Tools»Options»VI Server: ... 


Now I want to do the same thing between two PCs that do not have the LabVIEW development environment.  They are running stand-alone applications (executables).  When the applications are installed, the installer puts the LabVIEW Run-time engine along with the executable on the PC.


I've looked at KB article 5I8AK4RQ ( but do not find the "server.tcp" listed in the .ini file.  I assume I should also include the VI Server in the installer.  How do you do that?  Or am I doing this all wrong?


I am using LabVIEW 2011 on a Windows XP operating system. 

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Re: access file on non-LabVIEW remote computer

The point is the knowledge base article is that you need at those keys to the ini files yourself. In addition there is another key you will need to add. On the forum do a search for server.tcp.acl to bring up that discussion.


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Re: access file on non-LabVIEW remote computer

I have looked at several of the forum discussion and modified the .ini file for the stand-alone application by adding:






but I still get error 63 at Open Application Reference.  I've tried connecting to PCs that have the stand-alone application and PCs that don't.  I've tried using the default port 3363 and 3364.  Same error.  I only succeed when it is between two PCs with the LabVIEW development environment.


I can ping between all the PCs, so I'm sure it is something wrong with getting VI Server to run in the executable.

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Re: access file on non-LabVIEW remote computer

Hi, have you tried taking a look through this forum here? I think that is the one that mike is referring to. Is that where you got the server.tcp.acl value from?




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Re: access file on non-LabVIEW remote computer

no, I reset Tools>>Options>>VIServer for all machines and all VIs and rebuilt the executable.  Then I took the value from the LabVIEW.ini file and added it to my executables .ini file.

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Re: access file on non-LabVIEW remote computer



It sounds like you're asking about how to open a text file or TDMS that's located on a networked drive.  I was able to do it by writing the networked path directly into the path constant:




This worked ok on a networked machine in my location; I'm unsure about the behavior if there is authentication required.

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