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Xy graph not updating inside the timeout case

There are several possibilities:


You could add a new queue and send your aquired data also to your main VI.

You could add a notifier and send the current value of your XY-Graph from your SubVI to your main VI.

Global variables are a possibility too but I would not recommend this.


But an important point would be:

Remove that SubVI from the time-out case of your event-structure in your main VI. As long as the SubVI is running you cannot react to any other events (THINK dataflow).


Regards, Jens

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bhuvanesh1191 wrote:

 i attached a main screen and code . 


No, these are just pictures.


What's up with the FOR loop you circled. Writing an array of values to a local variable as fast as the computer allows is not reasonable. You might as well just write the last value of the array.


You really need to continue with the tutorials first.

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Hello Jens , 

First , actually i tried to write with the global variables only .but it updates only after the subvi stops running ..

i was new to this domain . i was not familiar with the queue and notifier . Can you send me the vi  or with the tips ??  

what was the thing i want to do in this ?? 

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