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Xcontrol or .ctl ?

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Hi all,


I am new to labview, and want to ask :



If I have designed some complex interface on the front panel, and want to save it for future reuse,


since the dragging, resizing, font settings, etc. are really boring and I do not want to work from the 


scratch each time.



Which one should I use? Xcontrol or .ctl ?



Thank you a lot.

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Accepted by topic author Julia2013

XControls are a technology for creating custom controls which do have specific functionality bound into them.

So if you haven't created your adopted control (e.g. "simple" change of layout) using this technology, this question is rather weird....


If you ask if you should use XControl technology to create a new control (so your desciption is a simple "requirement" for a new control), i have to tell you that XControls are not that simple to create. XControls are more advanced stuff and most likely newcomers to LV will not be able to create well written (and working) XControls.....


Controls (ctl) are adopted controls eps. regarding the look and default settings. If your requirements are matched by these options, you should go for that (as you are new to LV).



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