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XNET write function for selected CAN frames from database

Hi All


I am newbie in CAN XNET programming and would like to have your inputs on the following question.

I have created a can database in XNET database editor and has exported it to .dbc file.

This database has near about 100-150 can frames data defined in it (along with the signal details).

In code, I have used XNETcreate (mode : Frame output single point) to create sessions for all the frames which are present in database.

Based on request from Master CAN node , I need to send data from specific CAN frames over the CAN network.

I am using XNET write function for it. 

Issue I am facing is , "session in" input for XNET write is nothing but "session out" output of create

Whenever I am calling XNET write  function , the data is written to all the frames which are defined in database.

Instead of that , i need to transmit data only to the selected CAN frames.

How can I achieve this functionality? where can I define which frames from the database should be transmitted on the CAN network?


Thanks in advance.

But i need to write data over the 

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You may have more success posting this in the Automotive and Embedded Networks forum here:


Also, when you post this again over there, you may want to post your code so that they can see what exactly you're doing in your code.

C. Weeks
Product Support Engineer
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Adding the code and the dbc file here for reference.

dbc file extension is changed to .txt since I was not able to upload it.

For viewing it as .dbc , change the extension to .dbc

Any help will be appreciated!!

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I`m on the same point like you 3 years ago. Did you have any solutions for your problem?



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Well if you are confused about session types in XNet, I suggest you look at Part 5, and Part 6 of my CAN blog which covers some of this discussion.  If you are unfamiliar with CAN in general, like OP was you can look at the rest of the parts too.  In general the different XNet session types allow for some really flexible development, and for off loading some work to the hardware, so your CPU doesn't have to deal with it.

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Thanks a lot...thats my first task for monday...ok, after breakfast.

I use ECU`s very seldom, but I must implement them scalable in my main-tool. So a little bit more of unterstanding should be good.

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