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Wrong scale in digital graph

I am using LV 7.1.1 and I was able to display a HWS (digital waveform file) in a Digital Waveform Graph just fine until one day. The X-axis scale can't be set to the correct number of samples I have in the digital waveform (see attachment). Well, it can be set to the correct range, but it only displays the samples to a much smaller scale. In the sample, I have 2188 patterns, the graph only shows patterns up to 1367 on the scale. If I convert the data into a 2D U32 array, all 2188 data are there. How do I fix that? Okay, what is wrong first? Thanks.

C. Tang
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@CT wrote:
(see attachment)., I don't see it 😉
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I thought I had it attached.
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Okay, I found out it was the clock rate that sets the scale off. I had clock rate set at 160KHz, so the scale is divided by 1.6 after the multiplier. If the clock is of multiple of 10's, say 100K, then the scale can be set using the multiplier of 100000, when the clock is 160k, the multiplier needs to be 160000.
I wish the digital graph had an option to ignore the clock rate, just displays the samples/patterns like the waveform editor. Also, it would be nice the graph can display the channel mapping info on the Y-axis.
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Hi CT,

We appreciate your suggestions, but to be heard by the developers you should submit your ideas as product suggestions by using the 'feedback' link on

- Philip Courtois, Thinkbot Solutions

Thinkbot Solutions
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