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Writing a String to the Parallel Port

I am a new user of Labview and have very little experience. I am trying to write an arbitrary string (that I can input) to the parallel port. Basically, I need to communicate with a device that connects to it and will accept commands as plain strings. I have read the article "using the parallel port with labview" but it hasn't helped me as I am so inexperienced. I was hoping that someone could help to learn how to do this and if there's a vi that already does this. It seems like a simple enough task. Thanks.
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Rather than simply present an answer from which you will learn little, I will try and out line what it is that you should investigate......

First have a look at a string control
You might want a button and a case structure to tell the code when to start decoding the string
Put the following code inside the case structure say on the true state
Then, taking data from this string control get the strings length
Then using this and a loop index through the string using the string subset VI on the string pallette, use the length of 1 and index the position in the loop
Now figure out how to convert the character to an ASCII value
Send this to the parallel port

This should be a reasonable frame work to empower you to learn for yourself.

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for life", enjoy the free meals! Smiley Wink

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Thanks, I'll try that out.
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You have the big piture, now try to focus on small steps. You can focus your efforts and at the same time learn what you need.

Check out the bundled examples, try searching the forum first of course, almost everything you can think of will be somewhere (that can be the problem) and of course post questions. I would suggest you will learn more if you keep your questions small, and try making an example as well.

Good luck
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