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Writing Analog Output

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I am now actually at the part in my program where i'm going to output some data to adjust mirrors for the positioning of a laser dot. I just want to know if i am doing the right way... I use the example in the example finder Voltage (non-regeneration) Continuous Output.


I have some files with many samples more then 1.000.000 samples (patterns for the laser dot) and want to output them in parts (1024 samples at one loop cycle), but also want to be able to push on Pause when it has to hold. So is this the right way then? 


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Please post the vi.

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The VI which i am going to use is the one in the Example finder... but my only question is, is that the right one for the job... I haven't write any VI for the data generation yet...The right way question_mark.png


So is this the right way? Or is there a cleaner way to do this, i don't like the part with the case and the "first call" vi in front of it... but some how you have to start the generation after the DAQmx write... i find that odd and then repeat the write DAQmx after the start...


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Accepted by ThijsBoeree



        This is a good way i think. First call calls only for the first time wen u run the program. 

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