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Women and LabView

Are there many women that use labview? 
I'm just curious, and putting this post up to see what replies it gets....
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A lot less the men... but there are.
There is one in my company and she is far from being the worse G-developer Smiley Tongue

For some reasons she is quite good at managing parallel tasks Smiley Very Happy

We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.


Antoine Chalons

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I will not mention her name but...

The very first person in the world to earn BOTH a Certified LabVIEW Architect and Certified TestStand Architict

was a woman.

I was very proud of her.


Retired Senior Automation Systems Architect with Data Science Automation LabVIEW Champion Knight of NI and Prepper LinkedIn Profile YouTube Channel
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(raising my hand) :womanvery-happy:
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The engineering field is still somewhat male dominated, but there are definitely quite a few great female LabVIEW developers. For example, last Monday I was at the LabVIEW developer education conference here in San Diego and Vanessa (from NI) gave a great presentation on high-speed digital/RF with LabVIEW. 🙂
Curiously, the profile here does not include gender information (I think), so I wonder if NI could even break down some statistics for us. It might be interesting to see the M/F balance compared to e.g. C programmers. Maybe there could be a forum poll....
This is not MySpace and contributions should be judged exclusivly by their technical merit and not colored by gender bias. 🙂
(Of course somebody might try to see if a profile with a sexy icon and cute name (e.g. "blonde grrrl") is more likely to get reponses than a user profile named "old grouch", even if "blonde grrl" is actually an old grouch! 🐵
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LOL!!  Altenbach 😄 

Time for us to change our nicks!  😉

I work with many women engineers.  To me, guy / girl, they are all the same.. Hard working, very intelligent individuals.  When I was a manager, I had a woman engineer in my team.  She was hard-working, very devoted. 

However, most women worked in C/C++.  I have never worked with someone with a LV background, although I was in the process of training a former team member (above) to work with LV.  Who knows, she may be the first one I work with.

I don't see LV as a "male-thing".  It's a tool / programming language, just as any other.. 

As a matter of fact, and I will probably be corrected on this, but there is a top contributor whom I suspect may be a woman.  In either case, I highy respect that individual.  The person is very knowledgeable in LV and many other topics...  The sense of humor may need some... euh... hmmm.. humor.. 😉

And we should not ever forget our favorite forum admin, Molly!  She's absolutely fantastic!  >>> cheers <<<


So why the "survey"??



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In my travels to many companies as a consultant specializing in labVIEW based solutions I find that the labVIEW ranks, as with the Engineering ranks in general, are still male dominated. This is slowly changing, my 16 daughter showing interest in the sciences or engineering and looking over her dad's shoulder when I'm "writing" LabVIEW code as an example. In my pretty rural neighborhood in upstate NY there are three of us that have Electrical Engineering degrees, one being a woman, but as all too often happens, she went into sales/marketing until the 20+ hr flights to Asia got to be too much. Now she is in a non-engineering career.

Christian, is your example from personal experience?  Smiley Wink



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@LV_Pro wrote:
Christian, is your example from personal experience?  Smiley Wink
While I might be considered an old grouch by some, my user name and icon are neutral. No deception here. 😄 (of course on MySpace....^d^d^d^d^d^d)
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Planet LabVIEW, as well as the engineering profession, is in desparate need of women! 
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I work with one woman who programs in Labview.  Just remembet the first "computer programmer" was a woman, Ada Byron, Lady Lovelace.  Although this is well before Labview.



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