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Windows Media Player


I have used an example from the forum for integrating windows media player into an application I have written.

After a few days I am still getting sporadic results on the following 3 issues, had anyone else encountered these? 

1. Even when using the 'bounds' to contain the size, different videos automatically resize the player

2. Sometimes, only audio will play, and not the video

3. And, what seems the strangest to me, sometimes when I run my application the player runs even when it is not called

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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1. You have to disable autosize. Never tried this, possibly "strechttofit"

2. You miss the correct codec for the video

3. When the URL is set and the configuration is autoplay (default, part of "settings"), the video starts playing, regardless if you call launchURL

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Hello Norbert

Thank you for reply and apologies for late response to you

Of the three reponses you gave

1. cannont find autosize

2. where would I get the correct codec

3. cannot find autoplay


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I have found the autoplay and have managed to overcome the sizing issue, thank you

To further explain, the media player is sporadically playing video and audio and then just audio and then sometimes it doesn't play at all ....could there be a reason for this

Thank you


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I am having sporadic results with windows media player.

I have overcome an auto sizing issue I had, not very elegantly I hasten to add.

The one issue I really want to overcome is sometimes the player runs a video with its audio, sometimes it just runs the audio and sometimes it doesn't run at all.

I am calling it as a subvi from my main vi, if that might be the issue - but how else would I call it, as I want it to come up as a pop-up from my main application

Thanks in advance for any help with issue


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