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Will LabVIEW ever support text-based development?

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The question feels like asking when your local Vegan restaurant is going to offer steaks.

LabVIEW is graphical. It's kind of the point. If it stops doing that, is it still LabVIEW?

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@ThomasHenkel wrote:

Because no one has mentioned it yet: there is still LabWindows/CVI, where you can program text-based in C.

Unfortunately LabWindows/CVI 2020 is the latest release and unofficial word has it that there will be no further release of that.


There is some resemblance between the two, since NI used an early release of the LabVIEW source code to implement support functions and the GUI. For the rest it is simply a C programming IDE, with a few nifty features that I'm still missing in other C programming IDEs. But it did not quite keep up with Visual Studio Code and similar IDEs in some areas and I guess NI decided that competing against the generally free, like in free beer, trend in IDEs is not a path to move on.

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