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Why does my application give an application error?

I've Built an application which interfaces with a ISA or PCI card. The application runs on the PC on which it was built but gives a Application error (Exception in LVRT.dll) when it trys to access the cards on another PC. (I've installed LVRT) IF i run labview over the network I can make the VI run so it not a hardware problem. Any Helpful hints
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Don't know about the drivers (dll's ?) that you are using to communicate with your ISA or PCI card so I can only make a couple of suggestions:

1. Be sure the lvrt.dll version is the same on all machines. In Windows Explorer, you can right mouse click on the file and select Properties to view version info.

2. Make sure the ISA or PCI driver is in the search path. I would also check to make sure the versions
of the drivers on the development machine are the same on the target machine.

3. Creat an INI file for your EXE. The following webpage contains an example that will make the INI file for you:

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Thanks Archimedes, I discovered that it was the Global variable I was using for the base address of the cards. I used a sub vi to change it and then for some reason any other vi using that global variable crashed. I've now put it in a CFG file and the program runs ok. Any points on why I can't just change the Global variable, instaed of havingto write it to disk in a cfg file?
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