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Who know the difference between the two Timed Loop structures in NI's examples named PAC

My LabVIEW version is LabVIEW 8.0.
When I look up the help document about Timed Loop, I find two examples about Timed Loop with the same file name and different file path.
One is "labview\examples\general\plat-timedloopframes.llb\PAC",
and the other is "labview\examples\general\timedloop.llb\PAC".
The function of these two examples is almost the same. But they display different results when running. I debug them and find that the value of Actual Start [f] of these two timed loop is different. Its value is constand in one vi and increasing in another vi. But the configuration of these two timed loops is the same.
Can anyone tell me the diffrence between these two timed loops?
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