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Where to find the path function

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Ok newbie stupid question where in the heck is the Path function, I have it labeled as Log File and more than likely I probably got tired of trying to find it an copied it from another VI. I would have thought it would be under the File IO but I can't find that little icon anywhere? 


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I couldn't view your VI but most path functions can be found around here:


Path Functions.png


You can also press ctrl+space and type in the name.

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Thanks, I think I figured it out, I had to go to the front panel in string paths, but I would have thought you couple place it from either front panel or block diagram.

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I see, controls and indicators can only be placed on the front panel. Sometimes you can drop a constant down and right click it to change it to a control or indicator though.

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Good to know, thanksSmiley Happy

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