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What to do with the error 7 and error8 ?

My labview program wes reinstolled from, may be, version 2006 to version 2013.

However, there are some problem with starting this program.

When i clicked the start botton, error massages emerged with error 8 and error 7.

i attached labview program and error massages.


Please help me to use this program.


Thanks you.

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Who wrote this code? It is a nightmare!!!


The program tries to create a file in the root folder of the drive (C:\238.dat), which is no longer allowed on newer OS versions. Unfortunately, this program is such a hack job that you need to change the same path diagram constant in several different places (better code would have exactly one diagram constant on the left carrying that name, branching the wire to the various locations where it is needed). I would recommend to create the temporary file in the temp folder (built using this) and copy into the user specified path at the end.


For some other code comments, see here.

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