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What is this .vi shown in the picture of the frequency measurements diagram?

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Hello dear LabVIEW community.


I'm wondering what the circled .vi in the attached picture is.


I've got that diagram from here.


I did find a post on the LabVIEW forum on how to identify a .vi based on its picture. I followed the offered procedure to no avail. Thus, I would take a snapshot of the .vi, place it on the front panel and expect it, automatically, would pop up on the block diagram. But that never happens. Also, I couldn't find the box "show as a picture" which I was supposed to uncheck.


If it matters, I'm on Windows 10, LabVIEW 2021. I can give more specs upon request.


Thank you in advance.


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Convert to Dynamix Data. It's an Express VI so you can double click to configure it.

Matt J | National Instruments | CLA
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Thank you very much @Jacobson!

For those, like me, who are wondering where to find it, here's the guide.

Right click on the white space of the block diagram --> Express --> Sig Manip --> To DDT.

Once you've picked it, it offers you to configure it (if it doesn't, double click on it). Choose "Single waveform" as "Input data type". And the picture changes to exactly the one on the original diagram that I attached to my question.


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