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Web Service with URL redirect

This seems a bit silly--it should be trivial--but I'd like to be able to direct users to:


http://<DNS name>


instead of:


http://<DNS name>:<port number>/<Web Service Name>/<static folder name>/<HTML wrapper name>


Any hints on how to do this with the LabVIEW web service?

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I'm not pretty sure, but by default, if you type :

http://<DNS name>, it will try to reach the 80 port (http) the html page called index.html

So several solutions :

1) redirect the 80 port on your routeur to the NI web service port (8000)


2) Change the web server HTTP port (default 8000 to 80)


For the rest, I think that the html page should be called "index.html" to be launched automatically.


Hope this will help you to solve your problem !



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Thanks for the reply... I had forgotten that the HTTP port was port 80, so that was helpful. My main difficulty was in understanding where index.html should be placed, but I believe it is in:


National Instruments\WebServices\aws\


[for what it's worth!]

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I think the index.html should be placed in : National Instruments\LabVIEW 2011\www

Best regards

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Turns out neither of us was right. Through trial and error, it works only in:


National Instruments\Shared\NI WebServer\www


[although the web server does not serve index.html automatically when http://<DNS name> is called. I still have to use http://<DNS name>/index.html. By default, WIF.html is the directory index.]

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